Pitbull Died After Fight Against Cobra For Keeping a Factory

CIANJURTODAY.COM, Ciranjang – A pitbull dog named Bobby died after a fight against a cobra in a rice factory at Sirnagalih Village, Cilaku Sub-District, Sunday (29/12/2019). Bobby died after the cobra bites him.

The owner of that dog is a member of Dog Lovers Cianjur (DLC) named Sony. Leader of DLC, Eki Rizky also tells the story of the event.

“Chronologically, Bobby keeps the factory as usually. Indeed, there are so many carcasses of snake, so Bobby often fighting against snakes,” said he to Cianjur Today, Wednesday (01/01/2020).

Eki said the factory that Bobby keep is near from rice field. “So, maybe snake’s habitat is in the rice field,” said he.

Then, Eki said that Sony shocked when seeing his lovely pitbull dog’s fight against a cobra snake.

“But, unfortunately, this time the fight’s won by the snake, and
Bobby’s life was not saved, and the dog has died,” said he.

Eki said Bobby’s heroic act that tries to keeps the factory from a snake attack gives sympathy to the dog lovers.

“We remembering to all of the dog lovers to still loves the dogs. because maybe for us the dog is for entertainment only. But, for the dog, we are everything.” said he. (afs)

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